Detects loitering of people using video analytics.

"People Counting" provides bi-directional counting function for people entering and exiting an area, as determined by a virtual line.

Detect fight gestures or fight engagement using special video analytics.

"Line Crossing" captures the movement of people or objects over a predetermined virtual line.

Automatically identify or confirm the identity of an individual based on the comparison of two fingerprints.

"Enter Area" detects and captures video of people that have entered and stayed in a marked area for longer than a certain amount of time.

Pair I915 with the smart hemispheric camera that guides the speed dome to the right position for auto tracking.

Detect people who have fallen down and stay there using video analytics.

Prevent or dissolve the crowd to avoid accidents in places like railway platform using crowd detection technology.

Identify the hands by using video-based analytics.

Estimate the age of people from video using age detection technology.

"Emotion Detection" detects and captures video of the emotion on people’s faces.

Detects the presence of people in specific target areas as event triggers by detecting the face of the people standing in front of the cameras.

Track the movement of the eye to estimate the direction of gazing.

Estimate the gender of people from video using gender detection

Count the people's faces in the view of the camera using video-based analytics.

Count the people's faces in the view of the camera using video-based analytics.

Discover pre-defined faces from various recorded video sources automatically.

"Line Crossing" captures the movement of people or objects over a predetermined virtual line.

"Enter Area" detects and captures video of vehicles that have entered and stayed in a marked area for longer than a certain amount of time.

Vehicle counting and available spots counting

Automatically track any moving vehicle to catch its details along with panoramic overview.

Detect the vehicles that stay in the area longer than allowed.

ACTi's video analytics powered by machine learning can distinguish car types from the bus, truck, sedan, bicycle, and motorcycle, as well as detect traffic flow density via ROI setting.

Detect the dominant color of each vehicle.

"Missing Vehicle" detects and captures video of the targeted vehicle that has suddenly disappeared from a marked area.

Detect available parking spots and guide drivers directly.

Detect how many vehicles or how long do the vehicles stay in the queue.

Estimate the speed of the vehicle using video-based analytics.

Detect the stopped or parked vehicle in pre-defined area using video-based analytics.

"Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)" detects and recognizes vehicle license plates in the predefined area, and then matches this data against the database.

Detect text on the surface of the vehicle and enable real-time notification or post search for better operation and security management.

Detect traffic congestion with the help of video-based deep learning algorithms.

Count the parked vehicles in pre-defined area using video-based analytics.

Switch the between channels of VMS by clicking on the video overlay shortcuts, mainly used for suspect tracking in live or playback mode.The latest update to ACTi's NVR 3 includes a new feature increasing operator's surveillance and investigation efficiency. Users can easily follow the objects of interest throughout multiple scenes by switching to other adjacent cameras' views with simple clicks on a tracking zone in a specific area.

Traditional video management systems require an operator to memorize camera locations in order to compare adjacent cameras. When an incident occurs, this process can be complicated and time-consuming especially as your camera count increases. Visual Tracking is designed to allow pre-configured regions over a camera’s video feed in order for users to click and navigate to the adjacent cameras without a prior understanding of geographic associations.

Once the configuration is complete, operators can either perform real-time tracking from the Live View tab and react to incidents in a timely fashion, or begin a post-event investigation from the Playback tab and collect the evidence.

The perimeter protection of critical infrastructure and large open areas such as airports, coastline or geographical borders is even more efficient with thermal cameras. It can reliably distinguish people, vehicles and other heat-radiating objects at extremely large distances.

Unlike conventional cameras that detect light, thermal cameras sense heat so it can be used even in complete darkness. Moreover, fog, rain, snow, dust or other matters that could obscure the view of standard cameras do not affect its ability to detect targets.

Thermal image is also ideal for detection of camouflaged people or objects that might blend in with complex backgrounds.

Learning-based Auto Focus technology is used in selected ACTi Speed Dome cameras to increase focusing speed after panning, tilting or zooming.

Conventional focusing techniques rely on detecting peaks in contrast and sharpness of objects' edges in the scene while continuously adjusting the focus. The image is becoming sharper beyond the point at which the focus is optimal. Once this point has been exceeded, the lens returns slightly to the position with the sharpest image. To the viewer, the image appears sharp, then blurry and then sharp again. Depending on the lighting conditions and other factors, this process may take up to several secondsThe learning is completely autonomous and continuous, resulting in the camera's focus becoming faster over time simply by using it. No action needs to be taken by the camera operator, although defining the focus manually for any position is also possible. The focus created manually then takes precedence over the automatically learned one.


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