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USS21 is a business development company that delivers business intelligence and project management solutions by a professional team to guarantee both quality assurance and time frame.

USS21 has gone through over the years with clear goals, steadfast spirit, and support from both clients and suppliers. We hold the belief that an outstanding team of employees is the key to corporate success. Hand in hand we take the journey to establish the system in this fast-paced environment as we pave the way towards creating value for all our stakeholders and truly honor our vision towards a wonderful world.

We have proudly built a network of class customers in the market which is an added value to our profile. This didn’t come without the smart-hard working, trust, quality of products, manufacturers’ support, our qualified team, and the loyalty of our customers.

USS21 aims to be one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the region.  Despite the challenges faced throughout the past years, USS21 was able to re-strategize its objectives and convert those challenges into opportunities, resulting in profitable growth for the entity.

USS21 is excited and honored for its strategic business expansions. This achievement is the result of the hard work and tenacity of the dedicated team and management. 

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Our Mision


To deliver the highest quality, budget friendly and state of the art solutions which cater for all USS21 clients.

Our Vision


To become one of the market leaders by offering our clients unique smart solutions.

Our Value


Possessing the following values, we pride ourselves on our ethical work with strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction:

  • Performance & Quality

  • Integirty

  • Leadership

  • Excellence



Our people are our most important asset and they are directly proportional to our productivity and growth as a company.



We have an up close and personal knowledge of our brands and customers coupled with a global and regional business expertise.



We fuel innovative ideas and challenge the norm to open the door to bigger business opportunities.



We have built our credibility through years of brand and customer alignment as well as long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners.



We think strategically about our systems and processes. It also means always being part of the “on-the-ground” work to bring every aspect of a project, from tiny to huge, to reality.


Year Established


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